Where did the Star of David (✡) Come From?

Essentially, King David started it. His name is spelled "דוד" in Hebrew, or "ΔYΔ" in ancient Paleo Hebrew.  The VAV (ו or Y) is understood in Hebrew to mean "join these two together".  So David created a symbol for his name by creating a symbol that was a DALET (Δ) joined with another DALET (Δ), or a "".  Of course, since you can't see them both if they were right side up, one of the DALETs (Δ) was turned upside down, thus forming a rightside DALET (Δ) with an upside down DALET (Δ) on top of it, or a "".   Note also that the Paleo VAV (Y) suggests an upside DALET, and this may have also contributed to the idea of turning one DALET (Δ) upside down.   King David sent his men out to battle with this symbol on their shield as a way of telling the good guys from the bad guys - part of their "uniform" so to speak. 

It has remained a symbol of Israel ever since.  Archeological finds have discovered it from prior to Yeshua's time, and the "Messianic Seal", which includes a Menorah, start of David, and fish, has been observed from the 1st century AD time period on artifacts from just after Yeshua's time.
Some people have tried to rewrite history and allege that the Star of David is a pagan symbol carried into Judaism, but there really is no evidence linking any ancient pagan practices to the Star of David.  Furthermore, the ambundance of ancient pagan practices that include Baptism/ritual Immersion among Mithraics, Jewish style feasts among the Shinto-ites, and the fact that Satan worshipper's use Hebrew as their favorite language for rituals, tell us that many false religions have tried to imitate what our Creator gave to His own people, and that every parallel observed should not be attributed as having originated with paganism.
The Star of David is composed of 2 DALET (Δ) , each of which have a numerical value of 4 in Hebrew since the letter DALET (Δ) is used to represent the number 4 for mathematical purposes.  The Star of David would therefore have a numerical value of 2x4=8.  The design of the Star of David has 8 triangles or "Dalets".  There are two large triangles / Dalets, and then 6 smaller ones created by the intersection of the two Dalets, as numbered below...
So the design of the Star of David can be considered to geometrically represent how 2x4=8 in Hebrew thought, since each triangle or DALET (Δ) is a symbol of hte number 4.