The Creative Forces

"The Creative Forces" is a book by Yoseph Viel that examines how the Creative Forces used to create our world are symbolized in the Holy Language of Hebrew through the poetic use of the letters in scripture. In numerous places in the Psalms, Lamentations, and Proverbs, the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are used poetically , and every time they are, they are also connected with content that those letters represent. In The Creative Forces, Joe examines how the letters are used poetically and how we can determine what each letter represents based on this poetry. For example, every place the 3rd letter of the alphabet (Gimel = ) is used in poetry, it tends to be connected with the concepts of G-d's perfection or the way He nurtures us to perfection. Thus, we understand Gimel to represent how G-d nurtures us to completion.

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A variety of patterns are used in scripture. In the "Acrostic Psalms", each verse starts with a different of the Hebrew alphabet in sequence. For example, In Psalms 145, 25, 34, 37, Lamentations, Proverbs 31, and other places, we find the first verse starting with the first letter (alpha, shown above), the second verse starting with the second letter, Bet (shown at left in this paragraph), and so on in sequence through the Hebrew alphabet. It's clearly an attempt to be poetic, and an attempt to decode for us what each letter represents.


But the amazing properties don't stop there. The Creative Forces forms the key to understanding the Hebrew language. Words in the Hebrew language are built from the meaning of their individual letters. For example, we find through the poetry of scripture that the letter NUN () represents emergence, while the letter CHET () represents a struggle to reach G-d's higher plane. Put the two letters together and you get "" which is the Hebrew word for "rest". It's appropriate that it's spelled with these two letters since it's the combination of the ermgence of NUN and the struggle of CHET to represent the emergences from a struggle in order to come to a rest. There is another word in hebrew that also means "rest" (Shevat), but its spelled with different letters that speak to us not of emerging from a struggle, but of simply remaining in a peaceful state of rest. Or put the letter TET () together with the letter Pey () and you get the Hebrew word "TAF" () which means a small child. It's very appropriate its spelled with these two letters, because TET is found to represent distinguishing between good and evil and PEY is found to represent the outer edge or beginning part of something. Since a child is just begining to distinguish between good and evil, TAF speaks to us of the child's immaturity by using the two letters in combination that represent the beginning part of something and distinguishing between good and evil. Understanding The Creative Forces will unlock the keys to understanding the Hebrew language at a new and deep level.

Numerous writers have undertaken attempts to understand how numbers are used symbolically through several approaches that don't always work. But the key to understanding this is found in The Creative Forces, where numbers are represented in Hebrew by different letters of the alphabet and their meaning is ascertained from the meaning of the letters that represent each number.


You'll be amazed at how this book demonstrates the fact that Hebrew truly is a Holy Language, with a higher design than any language spoken among the nations. It shows the complexity of inspiration to which the Word of God we have in scriptures really contains. Not only is the content of the Scriptures inspired, but the language, wording, and everything in between is inspired at levels we can only begin to fathom. This book will help elevates anyone's faith in the scriptures and helps provide even more evidence that the scriptures truly were inspired of the Creator in very rich ways.

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