Yoseph Viel's Adventuries in Devarim

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  The Value of Learning Hebrew
Torah Lessons

44. Devarim - Why People Turn to Yeshua.

This mostly focuses on the Haftorah portion in Isa 1 and the Top most common reasons why people get Saved.

  45 Deut 3-7:11 Secrets to Contentment

46. Deut 7:12-11:25 Notes to Haftorah portion


47. Deut 11:26-16:17 R'EH - SEE What Torah says about behavior both in and out of Jerusalem is the focus of this week's Torah portion.


48. Deut 16:18-21:9 SHOFTIM - JUDGES There's some neat PATTERNS in this week's portion as we examine what the judges wree supposed to do.


49. Deut 21:10-25 Ki Tetse - Spiritual Warfare


50. Deut 26-29

  51. Deut 29-30 Nitsavim - You Are Standing
"Ebal" is the theme to chapter 29.
  52. Deur 31 VaYelech - And He Went.
  53. Deut 32 Ha Azinu - Give Ear - The Song Elohim taught Israel.
  54. Deut 33-34 V'Zot HaBrachah - And This is the Blessing.