Yoseph Viel's Adventures in Exodus

Parshahs 13 - 18 (Exodus / Shemot)

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  Watch/hear the Lesson on the 42 Journey Pattern
Torah Lessons  
  13. Shmot (Exod 1-6) The Exodus - Historic Proof of the Exodus + Israel's Journey from Aristocracy to Slavery
  14. (Exod 6-9) Va'era - Why Did G-d harden Pharoah's heart? Plus, understanding why the plagues happened and the 42 Journeys in the Plagues.
  15. (Exod 10-13) Bo - Let My People Go!!!! A look at the regulations of Passover and Sukkot
  16. (Exod 13-17) B'Shalach - The first 11 encampments and their spiritual meaning.
  17. (Exod 18-20) Yithro
  18. (Exod 21-24) Mishpatim - The Judgements - Examining the FLOW of Torah, Slavery, etc.