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Yoseph Viel's Adventures in Gensis 

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Watch/hear the Lesson on the 42 Journey Pattern
  The Value of Learning Hebrew
Torah Lessons
1. The 4 Rivers of Eden
Theme A 2. Noah and Babylon - A Lessons common to both of them
3. Lek Leka - The Call of Abraham and Israel - a look into the purpose of the call of Israel
Theme B 4. Vayera - How the promise of Isaac and the stories of Sodom, Gomorrah and Hagar symbolize the Gospel of Salvation
5. Chayah Sarah - The Call of the Bride
6. Toldot - How Jacob and Esau symbolize the struggle between a man's nature and the nature of the flesh .

The Wheat and the Tares - Matthew 13

7. Vayetse - The Jacob marries Leah and Rachel - The purification of the human heart and the fruit produced

8. Vayishlach - Part 2 of the story of Jacob - Breaking attachments to the flesh and the first 42 Journey Pattern.
 Story of Joseph 9. Vayeshev (Gen 37-40) - Joseph goes to Egypt.

10. Miqetz (Gen 41-44) - Pharoah's dream and the great famine.

11. Vayigash (Gen 44:18-47:27) - The brothers come near to Joseph to Egypt
12. Vayechi (Gen 47:28-50) - All of Israel comes to Egypt - The Blessings on the tribes and 42 Journeys to bury Israel in Canaan


Theme A

There's an underlying theme to the stories of Noah, Babylon and Abraham that each story shares in common.

Noah Babylon Abraham
בן Built (בנה) an ark Built (בנה) a tower Promised a son (בן)
שם "men of name (שם)" Let us make a name (שם) for ourselves" I will make your name (שם) great"
Left a place
Left a place Left a place
Left heaven (שמים) for earth Trying to leave earth for heaven (שמים) Abraham promised descendants as many as stars in the heavens (שמים) and dust in the sand (earth).
Word-play that summarizes theme "I repented (נחם) that I made them, but Noah (נח) found grace (חן)" "they used brick (לבנה) for stone (אבן) and asphalt (חמר) for mortar (חמר)  לך לך = "Lek Lekah" = "Go for yourself"
One man against many Many acting as one man One man producing many

Once the thematic connection is made between these three stories , it becomes easy to see that the events of Noah and Babylon are the reason why God called Israel to be a nation through Abraham.  This connection is made through the teachings on these three stories in their respective two Torah Portions.

Theme B

Like the stories of Noah, Babylon, and Abraham, there are thematic connections made in the next several Torah portions as well that tie each together as telling the story of the Gospel message and how God saves and disciples each one of us.