Yoseph Viel's Adventures in Leviticus

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  Watch/hear the Lesson on the 42 Journey Pattern
Torah Lessons  
  24 VAYEKRA - How to Be A Spiritual Sacrifice.
This is how to make Leviticus 1 a living word in your personal life today. If you thought all those regulations on how to slaughter animals means nothing to you today, guess again and take a dare to click on this lesson and find out why this is one of the most personally practical passages of scripture!!!!!
  25 TSAV
  26 SHMINI - Kashrut and more on the FLOW of Torah.
  27 & 28 Tazria & Metsora -
A look at the incredibly useful practical applications of the LAWS OF LEPROUSY applied to breaking mental addictions.
  29. Achari Mot - After the Death -
Day of Atonement, Blood forbidden to consume, and various regulations.
  30. K'doshim - Lev 19 & 20
Looking at the FLOW of the regulations.
  31. Emor - Lev 21-24 - Priestly regulations and the feasts.
A look at ZONAH, BETHULAH , ALMAH/OLMAH and the calendars.
  32+33. Lev 25-27 - Jubilee Year, Freedom, and Redemption