Yoseph Viel's Adventures in Numbers 


Watch/hear about the 42 Journey Pattern

The Value of Learning Hebrew

Torah Lessons

34. B'Midbar (Numbers) 1-4:20. Examining the spiritual meaning to the names of the heads of each tribe, why each tribe was put next to it's neighbor, it's size and the symbolism of numbers and how the priesthood was moved from the firstborn to the Levites.


35. Naso (Lift Up) 4:20-7. It amazing how much the test for the unfaithful wife and the Nazarite vow have in common. If you've never noticed the similarities, check out this lesson. Also, the MOST ANCIENT way of saying the Aaronic benediction.

Also, click here for Joe's teaching on the Divine Name.



36. B'Ha'Alotcha (in your making, go up) Numbers/B'Midbar 8-12 Purification of Levites, Wave Offering, The fascinating symbolism of Hobab



37. Shlach L'Chah (Send for yourself)  The sending of the spies to the Promised Land and the meaning of their names. Who where the Nephilim, the Anakim, The Rephaim, etc?



38. Korach   A rebellion falsely accuses Moshe (Moses), but G-d came to the defense of Moshe (Moses) to bring about circumstances that worked to prove his accusers wrong.
There is FASCINATING SYMBOLISM behind the budding of Aharon's rod that is discussed in this lesson, along with the WHY behind why the 5 shekels of silver were commanded for the firstborn and what it meant.



39. Chukat WOW!

Those Red Heifer regulations are full of neat stuff we can learn from. If that sounds like a weird statement, if won't after you click on this.  


   40. Balak.

41. Pinchas

A deeper look at Hebrews (עבר) and Arabs (ערב)  


   42. Matot A look at Vows. (Not yet available)
   43. The 42 Journey Pattern